Toothed, V-belts, poly-V belts, multi-strand belts for different operating conditions.

Filter nets and materials

We offer the following filtering materials: for chamber and belt filter presses, vacuum filters, hyperbarfilters, filtering fabric for air filters.


STK-Coal offers a wide range of pulleys in a large and functional range.

Поликлиновые шкивы V-belt pulleys - transmit torque through V-belts by means of friction. This drive combines extraordinary elasticity with good power transmission.

V-ribbed belt drives are a good choice for economical solutions for heavy-duty applications, with large ratios units, drives with high speed or small pulley diameters.

All pulleys are carefully quality controlled.


Taper Lock (Bush) bushes are the most convenient and cost-effective way to secure components to the corresponding shaft without any special tools. Taper Lock (Bush) are already equipped with the necessary bore, keyway, threads and set screws. This solution optimizes the time and cost required for machining.

Customized sieves for screens

Slot screens are made of V-shaped stainless steel wire, Sb and Sbb types. The durability of screens with the Sbb profile is higher than SB due to the increased height of the rectangular section. The design ensures perfect filtration and helps to avoid clogging of the sieves (the profile and the constructional clearances between the wires are 0/1 – 10 mm.

The maximum possible screen dimensions are 3000 mm by 4000 mm. The use of stainless steel grades AISI 304, 316, 321 (08X18H10, 08-12X18H10T) can improve the wear

The mentioned sieves are characterized by perfectly flat surface and high accuracy of the slot (possible inaccuracy of the working profile slot size is 0,02 mm).

Selection of the necessary profile of the working wire (grate) and the support profile allows to achieve the required rigidity of the screening surface and the live cross-sectional area, as well as to achieve a high level of self-cleaning.

Arc sieves of any shape

The arc sieve is used in filtration, dewatering, slag removal and separation processes. Thanks to the triangular shaped profile wires and the wedge-shaped slot, self-cleaning is possible. The sieve sheet can easily be replaced with another in case of changes in process parameters or wear. Arc sieves are also used by food factories, pulp and paper plants, in chemical industries, in water filtration and recycling, as well as by wastewater treatment plants.

We can produce flat (arc and cylindrical) sieves with profiled wire welded at an angle to the stiffening ribs.

Filter centrifuge rotors

Filter rotor (filter basket) is used in filter centrifuge for dewatering of fine and medium grades of coal. We offer a wide range of rotors for all types of centrifuges used in RF (HSG, Don Valley, TEMA, etc.). Compared to other baskets on the market our products are much more durable and can withstand higher load pressures. In the process of manufacturing we can also apply a special wear-resistant coating on the basket.

Spare parts and consumables for hydrocyclones

HW-R Rubber

Manufactured from imported rubber with modern processing and profiling technology.

Advantages: good wear resistance, elasticity, corrosion resistance and tear resistance.

Filter nets and materials

We offer filtering materials for chamber and belt filter presses, vacuum filters, hyperbarfilters, filtering fabric for air filters.

Warman pumps spare parts

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